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Why a Global Holstein Network?

Farm tours and herd visits; most dairymen like to participate in these and it is one of the reasons that the herd reports in Holstein International are very popular. Through the years we have been frequently asked if we can suggest interesting, curious, nice and/or well-organized farms to visit or to contact and if we know if they speak other languages. Enquiries have covered all kinds of purposes: looking at a herd, or a favorite daughter from a special family; searching for an internship or a (new) job; to get references on special milking equipment; details on breeding programs and which sires they use and why; and well managed, strong performing herds. We can mention one hundred other reasons why our readers want to get in contact with other dairymen, technicians, clippers or any other person, which is why we have created this tailor-made Holstein community – so that you can keep your international counterparts within reach.

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